We convert or Help you to convert your Car to Electric

If you have a car you love and the only reason to change it is the consume cost or you have a compromise with the environment, you can convert your car to electric with all the advantages that an electric car may provide you.

Recycling for the planet

You love your planet and you want to contribute taking care of him, you know the solution is not to hurt him more but to thank him what he does for us every day.

Save money daily

By converting your car to electric you will save money every day and you ll avoid having to change it just for his high consumption.

Your classic car every day

If you have a car that with the years has become a classic, your Mini from the eighties,  a Beetle, your old Golf… You can convert it into your everyday car without having to worry about his old engine.

What can we do for you and your favourite car?

Your car is more than just something you own, it normally is an extension of you, it is what it gives you that freedom to move.

At Elektrun cars our main focus is the environment, but we also know we have a personal financial situation to take care of and our daily needs. We want to make you easy to own an electric car, whether you are a handy man or woman, you want to make it your own project or you want us to convert it for you and delivery ready to enjoy.

Electrun Blog for Internal Combustion engine cars conversion into electric

This Blog is for you, who wants to convert your car to electric or wants to make sure about the important staff before ordering a conversion for you.

We answer basic questions, talk about techniques, law issues, tips and advice… we encourage you to collaborate with the Blog.

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