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Back in 1984, when I was still a child, people started talking about new cars: how they would pollute much less, and, as a result, how our urban environment would be much cleaner and, therefore, we would enjoy cleaner air all over the planet. Using catalytic converters became compulsory, They forced the use of the catalytic converter, as well as the use of unleaded petrol. It was then that I started thinking that if we recycled glass and cars started using eco-petrol, the world would be a more habitable place.

Years went by and I realized we still needed to implement many more changes, as there were many other factors contributing to our unhealthy environment, our unbreathable air and the pollution of our cities.

Still were much work to do like what to do with the plastic we generate, the diesel consumed by lorries or how to treat factory waste… still so many things. The Kyoto treaty was a puppet show and it all became clear to me: The real solution was in all the little changes we could all make as individuals: avoid non-reusable plastic containers, glass recycling and, why not, drive a car that doesn’t use petrol. What about if I go one step forward? What about if I manage to convince other people that we can really make a change? …if we all started walking in that direction, we would be going towards a cleaner environment. That’s when I decided to turn my own car into an elektricar.

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