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The electric classic Mini is in labor.

It would be misleading if we say that this delivery has come easy, but we hope that it comes with a bread under our arms ( as we say in Spain) for the planet and especially for our cities. The new classic Mini is about to be born. At the beginning of the pregnancy, the […]

Testing, testing, .. out road.

The conversion of a petrol or diesel vehicle is the most sustainable and economical way of driving a perfect electric car. The main idea behind this, is to re-use all the vehicle´s components that have no impact in the internal combustion engine, and to substitute it with a full electric motor. Engine, radiator, petrol tank, […]

Batteries, The big deal.

The batteries world is in constant change nowadays with the electric vehicles take off , the new and improved power storage, super capacitors, and the new kid on the block, graphene. Lead batteries and AGM or gel are a thing of the past. We are now having the Li-ion present going to the new Li-air […]

Which vehicles are best to convert to electric.

There are hundreds of thousands of cars out there waiting to be converted. The best cars to be converted to electric are small old cars. The older is de car, the less electronic components it has and the easier will be the conversion. As the batteries are still the big issue in a conversion project, […]

The adapter plate

One of the key aspects of a conversion is how to connect the existing gearbox to the new electric motor. This is normally done by an adapter plate that fits in both sides, the old gear box and the new motor. This has to be designed and fabricated with high precision, as the geometry of […]

The vacuum pump and the brakes.

Mostly all cars use a braking system with power brakes and this system needs to be left as it is in a electric converted vehicle. If the weight is bigger after the conversion because of the batteries, then the brake system should have at least the same braking capacity or even more. Working brakes are […]

How to convert your car to electric?

When I had the idea of converting my own car to electric, I had two goals in mind. To be able to drive a novel car, that wouldn´t make any noise and the cost for the fuel be little or nothing.  The other goal was to stop once for all contributing to dirt our environment […]